Write for us

by Sabahat Waheed

First of all, thank you for your interest in writing for TFN!

We are always looking for new writers which will help new writers build their writing journey. If you have any idea which you think will challenge the readers and they are going to love it then you are at the right place.

Well, let us be honest here, writing for TFN will take work as we want the article to be the best. This does not mean that if you are a new writer your post will not get accepted! Our team will help you get there so that you can write the best post for TFN. You will get a detailed feedback about your article by our team so that you will know what’s best in your and what is not.

Why to write for us?

You might be thinking that how is it rewarding to write for us? It is indeed rewarding to write for us, as thousands of publishers, clients, and employers will read your post and you will also improve your writing in the writing and publishing process.

What you should send?

You can send a short pitch or idea with the complete idea of what you are going to write. As far as the complete post is concerned you must send us the original content written by you and keep the quality in mind that we need the best quality content with no grammatical mistakes.

  • Make sure that you have provided a clear argument on what you are writing about
  • Your piece should have a voice, it should be interesting, bold and human
  • You should keep the audience in mind
  • You should not write only opinions, but your piece must contain convincing arguments of your opinion.

How to submit?

You can fill the form below and can attach your file with it. After you have submitted it then our editors will have a look at your work and they will come up with feedback sooner than later.


Writing for us will not only provide you with web presence but you will also get the reward for the best piece written. If your post will get 50,000+ hits in one week then you will get a $50 reward from TFN. You can share your post on social media so that it will get more hits and you will be eligible for the reward. The hits on the posts are open to the public you will see that how many hits your post is getting with time.

The editors

All of our editors are specialists of their field and they are the ones who will check, manage, edit and accept your content. They will communicate with you and will provide you with tips so that you can get the best out of it.

In order to maintain a sound relationship with the editors you will have to bear a few things in mind, that are:

  • You should not miss Deadlines as they are as important as breathing.
  • You should proofread your article before you are sending it.
  • You should not take any of the feedback of the editor as a personal attack.
  • Be patient as the editors have to manage a lot of inquiries of the writers like you.
  • Your article ought to be unique and plagiarism free, if you are copying the piece from any source we will know and we will deal with you strictly as we take it very seriously.


Here you will find the frequently asked questions about writing and submitting the writing pieces for us.

What are the niches on which I can write?

First of all, for getting a sense of what do we accept, you ought to check our site so that you can get a better idea. You will see that our posts are covering all the areas of writing so there is no limit to the selection of niche for you.

Moreover, in order to provide you with a clear picture let us get straight. You can send quality pieces on the latest news or anything which is in trending, top 10 lists, reviews and personal opinions.

Is there any need of pitching the idea before writing on it?

Before writing you can pitch your idea to the editor _____ by emailing at _______. Once you have pitched your idea you will have to wait for the editor’s feedback about your idea. If it is accepted then you can write it and send it.

When I can expect to get a feedback?

You will get feedback within 24 hours! Yes, you read it right. You will get the feedback for your pitch or the piece you have written within a single day.

What should be the length of the piece?

The length of the posts are different for different categories. For example, if you are writing about breaking news and it does not come up with much detail then you can that in just 150 words (only for short news). If you are writing a review or opinion then it can be around 500 to 1000 words. Moreover, if it is top 10 list then it should be of 1000+ words.

Should I expect that my post will get edited?

Yes, for clarity and perfection in the content, we do edit your piece. Be assured that your voice/tone will be preserved.

Is republishing allowed?

No, republishing of the post on any blog is not allowed as we own the copyrights.

What if my post is not accepted?

Well, in that case, you will own the copyrights and you can publish or use it anywhere you want to.

What I ought to do once my post is live on your site?

If your post is accepted and is live on the site then you need to be active on your post as you can reply to the comments on the post. Moreover, you can also share your post on social media so that your post can get more hits.

Now as you have read and understood all the T&C’s of submitting the post, so now you are ready to submit your idea.

Just fill the form below, attach the file with it and patiently wait for the editor’s feedback.

Happy writing

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