Woman drowned, found alive on the same beach after 18 months

You might have come across the word miracle in fantasies and fairytales, but what happened here in real life is the prime example of what everyone has been calling miracle over the decades. The miraculously incident happened in Indonesia where 53-year old woman got drowned while bathing in the Ocean, back in 2017. The multiple search operations were made to either found her or her body by police but after days of the quest they gave up after they find no sign of life. Besides all this, the family of the drowned lady was quite optimistic about being her alive.

What came up next would restore your faith on miracles as the woman, who was drowned back in 2017 was found alive on the same beach, wearing same clothes after her family visited the beach to find her. The 53-year old drowned-lady Sunarsih was surprisingly found unconscious after 18 months around 00-meter away from the science which she actually got drowned 18 months back.  Later on, the DNA test also confirmed her to be Sunrise and that too not bearing any serious injuries or health issues. According to the local reports, she isn’t able to speak as of now and as per medics, she would soon be getting normal as she would spend time back home with family.

The other thing which should be noted here is that the family visited the beach again to find Sunarsih after her father got dreams of her being alive and waiting on the same beach. At first, he overlooked such indications in her dream but soon decided to visit the ocean to find her daughter along with family.

While searching for her the family headed by father were unsuccessful in the first attempt but just in the next attempt, she was found lying unconscious 500 meters away from the scene where she got drowned, back in 2017.

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