Israel sends aid to Syrian Refugees but rigid over not allowing them to cross border

The Syrian turmoil is just getting worse with every passing day, and up the latest dictator, Bashar al-Assad’s onslaught has let around 120,000 people to flee from their homes.  It should be noted here around millions of Syrian Refugees have taken shelter in different countries across the globe, with countries like Turkey and Jordan place for most number of Syrian Refugees.  Israel, which has northeastern border lying with Syria has been quite rigid about their stance on accepting the waves of incoming refugees since the issue started, 2011.

The perception which also revolves around the Syrian Refugees is Israel is enemy to them as they have stood against Assad’s regime but what adds more to their confusion is they have also offered aid in the past and in the current situation as well.

In the recent turn of events, Israel has stood firm on their stance about not opening borders for Syrian Refugees but had sent aid to them in form of food, clothing and medical equipment. It will be pertinent to mention here that around 120,000 Syrian people have left their houses and headed towards the north-eastern border of Israel and Jordan.

As per the reliable sources, the Syrian Refugees relocating from last ten days have been living under the open sky and that too just 100 yards away from the Israel military positions. In this ongoing, those Refugees who are even trying to find the home in Jordan have got no response as this neighboring country has clearly said they have no more space for the refugees. JYI, Jordan is providing a shelter to around million Syrian Refugees over the years but in the latest move they have not opened the borders for the  latest fled Syrian people from their houses.

“Several thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing the hostilities are living under poor conditions in these camps near the Israeli border, often lacking access to water, electricity, sources of food or other basic necessities,” military said.




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