ZTE’s answer to $1.7 billion penalty is Trump’s close aide

China’s Tech Giant, ZTE is eagerly looking to see the 7-years ban coming to an end on buying US technology components and that too as soon as possible. Not to forget, so far it’s only been two months of this ban and the bigwigs of China have left no stone unturned to get this Shenzhen-based company back in the business.  At the point, there are various statements and unofficial terms and conditions’ revolving around as the testimony to Chinese company’s come back in the market. The cat isn’t out of the bag, but as the things looking it won’t be wrong to say that the US Premier have much of the soft-corner for China or more of the mutual benefits to look between the top economic countries.

It’s been oddly weeks since Trump took to Twitter telling about his close working with China’s President to get ZTE back to work as early as possible.  Trump’s too much of easiness towards the company, which was just blacklisted months back, wasn’t taken that well both by the Republicans and Democrats as well.  The US Premier was accused of giving up in front of the pressure from Beijing despite knowing that what China-based Tech Company did was a straight threat to US national security. It should be noted here that ZTE was caught illegally shipping technology components to North Korea and Iran. The brass leadership of ZTE was removed in the first place as they confessed to their wrong-doing.


One of the most reliable sources claims that ZTE’s came back would cost them $1.7 billion as for sanctions and dozens other terms and conditions to avoid any such untoward situation in the future. Another source claims that it won’t be that hefty for the famous Chinese company as the US and Chinese premier have found the better way to answer it; mutual benefits of both the countries.

“Washington neared a deal to lift its ban on U.S. firms supplying Chinese telecoms gear maker ZTE Corp, sources said on Tuesday [May, 22], and Beijing announced tariff cuts on car imports, further easing trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies.”

Moreover, it should also be known that Trump’s former campaign advisor Bryan Lanza is being hired by ZTE to loosen the restrictions and penalties, which stopping the Chinese company from being operational.

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