Ubisoft’s Next Far Cry To Be Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic?

On Wednesday, Ubisoft unveiled the trailer for their new Far Cry franchise. The teaser for the new game makes it look like a follow on Far Cry 5, which is quite surprising as the previous Far Cry titles have been standalone games.

There is little to no information given in the teaser trailer but more will be revealed on Thursday, 6 December, during The Game Awards.

However, the game did show an unconventional crossbow when the person in the trailer picked up the saw-blade and loaded on to the crossbow. Could it be a hint to expect unconventional weapons in this franchise?

Why it could be a Far Cry 5 follow-up?

The setting of the location in the teaser trailer is similar to that players explored in Far Cry 5, Hope County, Montana. It is more or less confirmed when the nuclear explosion takes place, same one in one of the endings for Far Cry 5.

Whether it is a sequel to Far Cry 5 is not yet certain, what is, however, is that the game will be post-apocalyptic. Making it a slightly different game than the rest of the Far Cry series due to its environment and setting.

What type of journey the player will have to go through in this game is also, not known but should be revealed when the full trailer is shown during The Game Awards on Thursday. The show will start at 8:30pm ET

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