Microsoft Teases Xbox Gamers – Says 2019 Will be a Good Year for Xbox One Users

by Alex Burnstein
2 minutes read

Microsoft has teased that 2019 is going to be a good year for Xbox One gamers.

While they haven’t revealed any news about their plans for future consoles and big news to be shared next year, we do know about Xbox Scarlett, which is said to be Microsoft’s next-gen console project to rival Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Analysts have predicted that plans regarding next-gen consoles will start in 2019. With fans certainly hoping to learn about their next console plans in 2019.

As an insider, Brad Sams, said in a report that Xbox “Scarlett” will have a release date of 2020, same as that of PS5. The console is also said to have better specs than the mid-generation refresh, the Xbox One X.

Sam also revealed that the Xbox 2 could be powered by AMD’s GPU and Zen 2 CPU and support backward compatibility as oppose to Xbox One’s limited library.

Additionally, Microsoft has also pledged that Xbox gamers will have access to their digital gaming library titles on all future Microsoft devices.

During the Game Awards 2018, Phil Spencer, Xbox executive, said that 2019 is going to be a good year for Xbox gamers and highlighted their plans for next year. He said:

“We’ve got Crackdown 3, we’re going to be launching that… We’ve got Gears 5, which will just be incredible. One of my favorite franchises that have come out this generation for us, Ori… We’ll see that next Ori come out.”

Followed by, “We’re gonna be back here at E3, which will be incredible, right here in this theater… This year was an awesome year for gamers, and I look at next year, and I think that it’s just lined up to be another better year.” Hinting that the coming year is going to be filled with news for gamers.

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