Apple will soon launch an ARM-based computer

US tech-giant Apple is now working on ARM-based hybrid computers

The prototype features an upgraded compass and GPS along with an ultra-sensitive touchscreen display. The new machines run on the ‘Extensible Firmware Interface’ boot system previously used in Macs. Besides, the prototypes are also water-resistant to make it more acceptable.

According to the inside reports, the newly developed machine will be an ARM-based notebook, rather than being a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone. Besides, the hybrid notebooks are expected to launch in the market with LTE connectivity. Moreover, the ‘Star’ is expected to be from a different computing family than the already existed iOS devices. However, the new hybrid computer also uses a spin-off iOS platform.

Many tech-pundits around the globe now believe that Apple will follow the same path as Microsoft, and will soon be going to merge their computer and mobile operating systems. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook already took his stand and expressed that it will be better if the mobile devices and computers stay separated from each other. In an interview with ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, Cook already said that their users are not even interested to have a merged system of iOS and MacOS.

The recent report of 9to5Mac also claimed that the new ARM based hybrid computers by Apple will hit the market by the year 2020. However, another previous report by Bloomberg also claimed that Apple is now working on an Intel-powered chipset to go perfectly with the ARM-based processors. The same report also professed that the new processor will soon be implemented in the Apple laptops by 2020.

Now, people are waiting for the Apple’s annual WWDC conference in San Jose next week to witness the newest innovations of the tech-giant. Besides, it is now also expected that Apple will announce the newly developed iOS 12, macOS 10.4, watchOS, and tvOS 12 at the developer conference in California. Undoubtedly, the annual conference from 8th June to 10th June 2010, will have enough surprises from Apple.

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