UK Teen Hacker Arrested over Swatting United Airlines Flight and Schools

A teen hacker, one of the members of the notorious Apophis Group was arrested earlier this week over Swatting United Airlines flight and school.  The young hacker, George Duke-Cohan was already under the radar of the police after DDoSing the Swiss email providing firm. British Police held off arresting of this British even after confirming him as one of the culprits behind DDoSing Swiss email provider as they were of the view they could catch more member s the hacking group through him.

In the meanwhile, the teen hacker did something that got him arrested as it was turning really threatening for the security purpose after he executed a hoax about the bomb in the United Airlines flight to San Francisco. He further expands on swatting with emailing about the bomb threats to the schools as well.

He was arrested earlier this week and now he has pleaded guilty to three counts of hoax bomb threats. The teen hacker goes with the name ‘DoubleParallax’ and ‘optcaz1’ online and was part of the group that went on to DDoS Protonmail. The report states that Duke-Cohan was himself the user of the Swiss email provider.

The young guy who is soon to face charges was very much vocal online as the hacker group’s Twitter ID was the platform through which they used to brag about their doings. Protonmail got on board the cybersecurity professional to know about the faces behind DDoSing their function. Upon doing that they came to know that the hackers themselves lack a proper security as some of the hackers also exposed their servers while making this cyber attack happen.

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