Samsung Gearing Up to Launch a Four Camera Galaxy Smartphone on October 11

Since the past month mobile enthusiasts across the globe witnessed the mobile launch of one of the most hyped Smartphones of the year. Yes, of course, we are talking about the coveted Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with everything  bigger and better than its predecessors; battery, screen size the whole nine yards.  Although it didn’t meet the expectations of phone enthusiasts  who want ‘never before’  type features in a new phone.But there is something new heading towards the disappointed lads as Samsung is brewing up a completely new phone with unseen features. According to reports , that Samsung is going to launch a four-camera Galaxy Smartphone on its October 11 event.

The speculations/ rumors circulating around the upcoming Samsung Smartphone event.  Some sources also suggest that four-camera in the Smartphone here means the camera might give up to 4X optical zoom. Although we cant be certain about the New Smartphone’s features, all we can do is mark your calendars  for 11th of October.

All these speculations went viral the Samsung Galaxy’s latest launch event after the famous leakster Ice Universe subtly tweeted hinting at a Samsung launch event.He hinted at whats going to happen with the cameras in Samsung’s upcoming smartphone.

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