Red Dead Redemption 2 Reviews: Is it too “Realistic”?

Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that launched not too long ago and was dubbed as the “technological masterpiece” for bringing out real world aesthetic richness to a game world. As the dust is slowly settling, the game has started to receive some criticism from players for being a bit too “realistic.”

Gamers are saying that the RDR 2 is boring and slow paced and lacks the feature of fast traveling to certain destinations with some even saying that the game feels more like a “chore” since players are expected to maintain their guns and wares, grooming and feeding your horse along with hunting and skinning wild animals for material crafting. It was not too long ago that a video of killing a life-like female in the game was ban and restricted on YouTube, for portraying too much realism.

However, apart from all the criticism the game is getting, if we look at it aesthetically, Rockstar Games has accomplished what game developers have been trying for decades now. Rockstar, in Red Dead Redemption 2 has managed to make more than 170 life-like species of animals aside from human-like characters, that wander the digital world of the game and managed to perfect the living, breathing and galloping aspects of horses in the game, using the 21st century motion capture technology.

The game has captured realism so much so that it revolves around player activities and responsibilities which they have to go through and bare similar to a real life scenario.

Although too much realism goes against the purpose of the game, which is, to escape reality for a bit, to play, indulge yourself in a fantasy world and all while having “fun” which for some this game is lacking but for some is still enjoyable.

Let us know in the comment section what you think about this game and how your experience with the game has been.

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