NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q Mobile Turing GPU all set to Launch?

NVIDIA has finally brought good news for the desktop graphics cards consumers, or more specifically for those based on Turing GPU Architecture. Creating the hoopla over all this matter, Nvidia is all set to introduce the new generation of desktop graphics cards. What makes this new generation even better for the consumers is it comes with the specialized real-time ray tracing. These news cards which are said to be under the wraps for quite some time are now all set to get a launch, which would something really apt for the modern-day gaming world.


If you think that’s only good news for the desktop gamers and complete dismay for the mobile users, then you need to rethink as mobile GPU launch seems very much a case following the desktop launch. Real-time ray tracing effects, which is said to be the essential feature of this upcoming launch, would surely enhance the game screenplay. This new graphics card also shows compatibility with the hardware.  But what makes it not much prominent in this era of gaming is that desktop is not the only place where gamers play. The latest mobile phones with heavy-built also support ‘heavy’ games on them.


The experts strongly believe a mobile GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q design will also be following the desktop launch, which is several weeks away from its launch. “We will put the 2080 Max-Q into the current thin 15 and 17 [inch] with NVIDIA’s help,” the source said. “It’s still unclear on when 2070 will be out. It doesn’t think the weight will increase significantly on this new card. Our ID/design will be pretty much the same as what you saw,” the source in this regard states.

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