Latest Cancer Vaccine 100 Percent Successful in Mouse Model and Also Prevents Reoccurrence

(Caption) New Cancer Vaccine wipe off 100 percent and stops reoccurrence as well

The latest scientific research has somehow got a breakthrough as the scientists have successfully made a vaccine that is not only treating aggressive Melanoma (a type of skin cancer) but is also preventing its reoccurrence. Experts from the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, CA, collaborated with researchers from other institutes to formulate a vaccine that would wipe out Melanoma when used with other cancer curing therapies.

The thorough experimentation has been done on the Mouse Model and apart from giving 100 per cent results, this way usage of vaccine and therapy also prevented the reoccurrence of the Melanoma cells.

This research was led by Nobel laureate Bruce Beutler and Prof. Dale Boger; latter told about the curative dealing of this vaccine and therapy: “This co-therapy produced a complete response — a curative response — in the treatment of melanoma.”

Talking about the experimental approach of the researchers, the mice with aggressive melanoma were classified into three groups where each of them were given cancer therapy known as anti-PD-L1 but were given different vaccine variants, which actually give the distinguished results, and one of them hit the bullseye.

One of the groups was offered cancer vaccine, whereas another one was given vaccine along with a molecule called Diprovocim. The third and the last group were offered cancer vaccine and a chemical known as alum.

The major highlight of the results was the group consisting of 8 mice, which was offered vaccine plus Diprovocim had a 100 per cent survival rate over the next 54 days.  What was more of the surprise to the researchers was that even after Melanoma cells were injected into these mice, they prevented the reoccurrence.

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