Instagram Direct Gets Voice Message feature Similar to Whatsapp

Instagram is not new to anyone …unless they live under a rock. Facebook owns the ultra successful social network that has taken the millennial youth by storm .

And the team behind Instagram constantly strives to improve upon their products just so the consumers can stay addicted to Instagram.

In a recent development Instagram has been updated with a nifty feature similar to that of its cousin Whatsapp. The feature we are talking about is of course the “Direct Voice Message” feature.

Whatsapp has seen huge success in the past year because of its updated technology and user friendly features. And now the development gurus at Facebook HQ have given a successful feature of Whatsapp to Instagram. Now you can send Direct Voice Messages from the DM section of your Instagram Profile. If you dont know how to use it yet …lets us take you through it.

Heres how you do it :


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