Here’s how to use WhatsApp Group Video Calls up to 4 people

WhatsApp never falls short of backing up their users with exciting new features and that is one of the reasons this social media platform recorder more than 1.5 billion active users within a month. As nothing is complete so was WhatsApp as even since availability of video calling back in 2016, it was missing the option of group video calling for a while.  Knowing that group video calling is the need of the hour, WhatsApp Inc. addressed the issue and in May this year during Facebook’s F8 conference told that they will be coming up with the group calling feature by the end of this feature. Up the latest, WhatsApp has launched the group video and audio calling feature as well, which would enable up to four users to contact simultaneously.

FYI, this group video call feature was up on the beta version of the App but now after getting successfully being tested all across it is available worldwide both for iOS and Android users as well.  The lack of group call feature was keeping the growth of WhatsApp bit slow as for multiple video tasking people had to switch to platforms like Skype from WhatsApp. But now it seems WhatsApp would get a much-required boost in its growth with the new feature adding on.

Using this newest video call feature is as easy as pie; the one wanted to use it just have to get the right click up on the adding recipients’ option during the normal ongoing video call. Through this you can add up to four users within the conversation at one time.

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