Halloween Week: Games with On-going Halloween Events

As Halloween is just 4 days away and everyone is busy with finalizing their plans, costumes and treats, no one is sitting back and rightfully so. In the spirit of keeping up with the Halloween festivities even Game Producers are participating by dropping Halloween related updates and timed events.

To keep you up with it, we have prepared a list of games that are currently running the Halloween events.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The recently released BO 4 has already rolled out its Halloween themed content which is available through Black Market and Operations. Though Black Market will charge you for the item you’re after, Operations offer a list of free cosmetic items as a reward for game progress. The update is already live on PS4 and will land on both PC and Xbox One on the 27 October.

2. Fortnite

This year Fortnite’s event “Fortnitemares” offer special challenges to players with spooky cosmetic items and special game modes in Battle Royale and Save the World. Moreover, to earn rewards you can either go against Bots in PvP match up or Hexylvania in PvE mode. The event ends on November 26.

3. Killing Floors 2

The update rolled out on October 2, named Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade. This update includes a new Monster Ball map, full Halloween makeovers for all zeds and bosses with new models, effects and sounds.

4. Warframe

The Halloween theme “Day of the Dead” cosmetic items are here once again and are waiting for you to claim them!

The update includes Day of the Dead skin bundles for your weapons and orbiter, Halloween Color Pack, Day of the Dead Syandana bundle and the Dullahan Mask for that end-game fashion framers.

The content just doesn’t end there, there’s also a tactical alert with three stages in total and upon successful completion you earn a Day of the Dead Sigil (first mission), all new Day of the Dead skin for one of Stalker’s weapon, Dread (second mission) and lastly an Orokin Reactor to double the Mod capacity for your Warframe, Sentinal, Kavat or Archwing from the third mission which is a time attack and all parts of the alert being Nightmare mode.

The cosmetic bundles and alerts are up for grab till November 1. So, hurry up, pick your favorite warframe and head out in full seasonal spirit to display the Day of the Dead customizations!

5. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has brought back its annual “Festival of the Lost”, this Halloween event offers special masks and loot.

This year the event includes a special questline where the player needs to solve a murder, an horde like PvE and special currency for purchasing masks and a very special auto-rifle “Horror Story.” The update came along with the return of the Iron Banner event which has improved drop rates for getting stronger gear fairly easily.

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