Minimize the risk of privacy from smart devices

Five ways to minimize the privacy risks from the smart gadgets

Amazon quickly expressed that the situation occurred due to an unlikely string of events. But even after that, it is now clearly understood that the risk is never zero in case of smart voice-enabled devices. Smart gadgets come with camera and microphone these days that are extremely vulnerable to programming errors and hackers. But, the customers can do certain things to eliminate the risk factors of the privacy and safety.

Block the microphone

Most of the voice-enabled smart gadgets now have a physical button to kill the microphone. So it is always advisable to turn that off when you are having a sensitive conversation. The mic button of Echo will turn red when switched off, and the similar category devices also have the same kind of cues.

Limit the access of microphone

You cannot disable the mic fully on a smartphone, but it can be easily monitored and moderated in the account of which apps will have the access to it. Go to microphone setting and leave the essential apps, and turn off its access to all the other apps. And in case of Netflix, you really don’t need to have the voice assistant as you can easily type the name of your favorite show.

Cover-up the camera

Recently, it created a huge buzz on media when they noticed a picture where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg put a tape over his laptop’s webcam to eliminate the spying chance. So, you can do that too, just buy a roll or use a normal bandage to cover-up the webcam.

Block the signals

A “Faraday bag” for your smartphones and smart-gadgets can completely block the electromagnetic waves which further prevents the chance of unwanted spying. It will block all the cellular and other signals which eliminate the chance of your sensitive information or your current location leak. But on the downside, you will not get any calls when you put the smartphone in the bag.

Be aware

Most of the users don’t actually go through the lengthy manuals or instructions that come with their smartphones or gadgets. But, it makes them unaware of the certain things that their gadgets can really do. So, you can check the how-to-guides and instructional videos on the internet related to your gadget to understand its full functionality.

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