Facebook And Youtube Come Head to Head; Zuckerberg Announces Video Monetization Feature for Content Curators Around the Globe

Even though there are multiple video sharing and streaming platforms, one can’t deny YouTube’s dominance. But now it feels we have got a serious challenger now as Facebook Watch Video Features has gone live across the globe. The watch feature has got access worldwide almost a year after its exclusive launch in the US market. Through the latest blog post, Facebook authorities have confirmed that all page videos across the globe are eligible for the Watch feature. The news would surely be working as icing on the cake for the creators and publishers as will give a whole new medium to them to get massive viewer as well and bag big money home as well.

Simplifying all this happening, Facebook has enabled the video monetization option for the creators and publishers globally through one can earn money on Facebook videos through ad breaks. It isn’t all as Facebook has also launched the Creator Studio, which would actually let the video makers know about the performance of the content with knowing about the views and viewers on their content.

As of now, Facebook will be initiating its ad break option to the four markets namely US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia and in the coming month, it will be getting a go in another dozen of countries with the content in English and other regional languages as well.  Moreover, the eligibility factor for the ad breaks to the pages depends upon the viewers they have got in the several months. In short, if the page has been creating 3-minute videos that have generated more than 30,000 1-minute views in total over the past two months, have 10,000 Facebook followers, it qualifies for the ad breaks. For more details regarding the eligibility standards one can officially check with Facebook authorities here: Facebook Ad Breaks and Video Monetization Eligibility and Details.

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