Elvie to Launch Smaller, Silent, Hands-Free Breast Pump

by Rana Hamza
2 minutes read

Gone are the days when the new moms had to struggle all day long to get the breast milk suction. The manual breast pumps got replaced by the electric breast pumps, but the struggle doesn’t change very much as one had to stand near to the wall socket and even bend in the way the milk doesn’t get split out. Then came the Willow Pump, which seemed a better option as it was cordless and could be tuck in bra because of its smaller size.

It was a bit off relief for the moms but it wasn’t the best yet. Finally, Elvie, the company previously known for Kegel Trainer has done something, which is actually never done before. The award-winning health and lifestyle are all set to launch the world’s first silent wearable breast pump.

And if you really think only being silent is making this gadget revolutionary than please you need to rethink as it is cordless, hands-free, and half the size and weight of the Willow Pump. Those who would be thinking that Willow Pump also offered suction process to be ‘quiet’; it should be noted here that it had enough voice to get noted while the pumping process takes place but this latest arrival is ‘silent’ vowing to produce no voice during all this process.

The smaller size, cordless and producing no voice at all makes this breast pump easy to be tucked in the nursing even when on the move. You even don’t need to worry about the proprietary bag or the milk draining out as the pumping process automatically stops as the 5 Oz gets filed.

“Being a new mother can be incredibly stressful,” said Elvie CEO Tania Boler in a statement. “We spoke to a lot of women about the struggles they experience post-pregnancy and it became obvious that outdated pumping technology was a real obstacle for women wanting to provide breast milk for their baby. Women need technology that keeps up with their busy lifestyles, especially at a time of so much change.”

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