E-Commerce Mogul Amazon Launches “Second Chance” to Promote Sustainability

International E-commerce Mogul Amazon has launched a new portal which is called “Second Chance,” The concept behind the Second Chance portal is to compile information on how to recycle, repair and return electronic devices. Amazon is calling it a “one-stop shop” where people will be able to learn how to responsibly get rid of old gadgets lying around. You can visit Second Chance to find out how much you can get if you trade your devices in and to learn how to start the process. The platform will inquire if your device still holds a charge or if the device is broken before offering you a quote.Don’t expect to make hundreds of dollars from these trades but what you will get is nifty amazon gift cards and a 25% discount on Alexa purchases.
Second Chance also provides the service of finding repair options for broken devices. For devices that are broken beyond repair Second Chance will instruct you on how to get Amazon to take your broken gadgets and recycle them. The initiative also encourages clients to purchase refurbished gadgets at a discount price.Another nifty fact about Second Chance is that it giveAma a 90 Product Support after the date of purchase.

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