Apple Accidentally Exposes New iPhone Decision

iPhone is the real boss and even the bulls and bears over-concerning approach towards iPhone X sales can’t undo it. To be very exact, the 14% rise in revenues to $38.03 billion and 16% sales rise to $61 billion is the ultimate prove iPhone is the winner and so it would be. With three new models align and soon set to shake the market, the tech-giant is never holding back from repeating what it has been doing over the years across the globe.

But here’s something of more eye-pleasing to those worthy iPhone customers, who were actually not pleased with the tag of $1000 on the flagship iPhone X. It should be noted here the price cuts rumour in the latest iPhone models to come this year is for real and here’s something actually hinting about this positive coming.

The Tech-giant Apple has cut off the prices of USB-C from $25 to $19; the thing you can’t avoid here is this cord USB-C to Lightning cable is responsible or fast charging in iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus. Not to forget, it can recharge the 50% of iPhone 8 battery in just only 30 minutes.

If you still not sure why this cord price cut has got on to become big news, so you actually need to know this is the cord which would ultimately be required to get the latest MacBook or MacBook Pro get connected to your iPhone X without any assistance from dongle or an adaptor. This USB-C to Lightning cable is what all the iPhone-fans require as one side of it is the light connector, which promotes the everyone used to charge their phone. On the other hand, it’s a USB-C connector which is the right answer to your iPhone getting connected to newest MacBooks without any dongle.

Those who still couldn’t figure out what made iPhone cut short the prices of this cord; it’s actually they bet of their life which aims to give a soothing effect to the customers who weren’t ‘OK’ with the cords to sync the latest iPhone with newest MacBooks.

It will be pertinent to mention here that in the 2nd quarter of 2017 average selling prices for iPhones were $728, quite shy of Wall Street’s expectation of $740-42. So some serious predictions are up and heading that the latest iPhone would be priced fairly lower than $1000.

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