A Brief Look into Whatsapps Successful Journey as the Tech Giant continues to decimate competition with Latest Group Call Feature Update

The World of social media witnesses dozens of Apps and sites battling in to take the control of the market but what if I tell you Facebook is on top with over 2.19 billion active users and Facebook-owned WhatsApp is on the second slot with over 1.5 billion active users. The moral of the story isn’t that Mark is the winner in each and every of the situation, it’s actually the non-compromising on the data sharing of the users. Such one story is of WhatsApp, which faced shutdowns in the huge market like Brazil for not placing the wiretaps back in 2016. Facing the setback for a while, WhatsApp now stands mile ahead of other social interacting sites like Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat.

WhatsApp unveils Group Video Calling Feature

Apart from ensuring the non-data leakage or tapping of conversations, WhatsApp has always taken one extra mile to keep up with the pace of changing technology and user’s demand.  Up the latest, WhatsApp has come up with the feature of video group calling both for the iOS and Android users. This feature was in the pipeline for quite a while and the WhatsApp authorities also announced of it going live by the end of this year. Now this feature is all up and for sure that would be giving the run of money for the video-calling based platforms like Imo and Skype.

How to use WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature?

The latest group video calling feature allows up to 4 people at a time, and using this feature is something as simple as pie. What you all have to do is make a right click on the plus sign above while making a simple video call through this platform. After clicking you can add as much as three people at a time, making it four including you.  It should be noted here that over the years Skype has been the one-stop platform for those looking for the video chats, and what used to make it that way was the group calling function. The Skype’s group calling had been the integral function over the years for the business, studies and fun purposes as well.

WhatsApp- From a small incubation to giant

Who would have thought one day WhatsApp would grow up as one of the most popular social interacting platforms? No one would have, at least the two makers of it, Brian Acton and Jan Koum wouldn’t have thought about it. The things which would actually love to know about both these geniuses are they were the former employees of Yahoo, and what’s even more shocking to their story is they applied for the job at Facebook, and were rejected. The year 2009 brought big news for both the Koum and Acton as they with the assistance of an iPhone developer went on making an app to which they named WhatsApp. It was the bright day of February 24, 2009, when Brian incorporated WhatsApp Inc. in California.

WhatsApp- What’s in the name?

Nothing in this world is without a reason or better to say without a story. Each and everything you stand and look out has a story behind so is something behind the name of famous app WhatsApp. The name was coined by Koum himself as she wanted something to sound like ‘What’s up’.

How WhatsApp actually works?

Being a freeware and cross-platform messaging to get on with such numbers as users were for sure a tough game as the only way to get set up is through the cellular mobile number.  The point is you don’t get options like e-mail id or Microsoft login. You need a legitimate cellular mobile number to kickoff your  WhatsApp. At first, it was said to be more of the mobile-based app. But it was finally the year 2015, which took WhatsApp to new heights as one could also use WhatsApp on the web browser by syncing with the mobile device’s connection.

Facebook Acquired WhatsApp

The February 2014 was finally the time for WhatsApp to get under the wings of Mark Zuckerberg as this social platform was acquired by the Facebook for the US $19.3 billion. Now with years passing on WhatsApp is the platform you can’t actually take eyes off as it’s something trending with over 1.5 billion active users in the month of February.

WhatsApp Features Update – Timeline

Dec 2009: WhatsApp was updated to send photos on iPhone.

August 2013: Voice messaging was introduced.

March 2015: Introduces Voice Calls for both iOS and Android.

November 2016: WhatsApp launched video calling

August 2018: Video Group Calling up to 4 people.

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