12-year old Saudi boy commits suicide after playing Blue Whale Challenge

In a world full of weird happenings, Blue Whale Game is one of the hottest topics all around as it forces the one playing to commit suicide. The notorious Blue Whale Challenge is a 50-day task that constitutes of dozens of obnoxious dares to be done by the player of the game on the daily basis, and finally with all that happening the latest task asks the player to commit suicide. Up the latest, a 12-years old Saudi boy has fell victim to this dangerous game that has been causing waves across the globe from past several months.

It should be noted here that Blue Whale challenge came into the light back in 2016 for the first time in Russia and since then authorities of different countries have been taking some serious precautionary measurements to restrain youth from playing this negative game. The authorities across the globe also asked parents to keep strong check on their children to avoid inclining towards this life-threatening game.

In the latest turn of events, the 12-year old Saudi body, who is said to be the sixth grader as per the local media reports committed suicide by hanging himself with a curtain rope in his home.

The victim of Blue Whale challenge, Abdul-Rahman Al-Ahmari was laid to rest on Tuesday and large masses including the senior government officials attended his latest rites.

What came as a twist to the story which seems to be a suicidal incident due to Blue Whale game is the father of the victim denying that his son wasn’t into playing Blue Whale challenge at all.

“I watched my son closely for two months. He never played the Blue Whale game. He was playing the Magic Kingdoms, which is not fatal,” he said.

Contradictory to that, the friends of deceased said that he was involved in this game from past several months.

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