They trusted that the police reserve no privilege to capture Gugu on Wednesday.

“What’s happening when she demonstrates her body?”

“Keep your hands off GUGU!”

Zodwa and Abanto said Gugu is battling for their rights.

“There is no preferred route overdoing this,” she said.

Dili Sun, a notable artist, was informed that it was not reasonable for have the injured individual captured.

“What occurs in this nation?” She inquired.


She said that a lady who demonstrated her body was not decent, particularly when it came to valid justifications.

She will be in Gauteng today and need to meet Gugu.

“We need to be exposed,” she said.

“Ladies keep on being mishandled and attacked in the event that we remain quiet and don’t bolster one another.”

Gugu Nkubi, wearing just clothing and clothing, challenged a lady on the grounds of the Federation in Pretoria.

She was tired of quietness and numbness. She asserted that she had been the casualty of inappropriate behavior. However, no one took care of business.

Ladies and individuals from ideological groups came to help Gogo when she was first brought under the steady gaze of the judge in Pretoria on Thursday.

Her case was deferred to April 10 to permit further examination.

“We are baffled in the wake of hanging tight throughout the day for the court,” said Mandisa Masigo, leader of Gauteng EFF.

She said Gogo documented an assault case, however, the police did not pursue her condition.

Mashego said that Gugu was harmed again amid her capture.

Gugu’s legal advisor Mpho┬áNefri said that they would get guidelines from Gugu.

“The charges against her are stunning,” said Nefury.

“The court endeavored to convey second thoughts to Jojo and did not have any desire to engage them.”

“I needed President Cyril Ramafusa to hear the issue and that’s it,” said Gugu.

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