AKA 5 of the Richest Musicians in SA.

Top 5 Richest Musicians of SA

Top 5 Richest Musicians of SA


This is unquestionably difficult to do in the music business. Music is an individual issue of the group of onlookers, which enables us to experience troublesome days and make our best minutes significantly progressively important. Be that as it may, the life span of your most loved or even the most skilled individuals ended up being less demanding than they were told. Yet, do it right; you push into the internal hover of the multivectors of the country, and you and you can go past.

We think about a portion of our most extravagant works in South African music. Here is the list.

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu needs no presentation. The well-known DJ and star of Kwaito. He is flawless and was at one point Mzezeseke! He is as of now the organizer of TS Records and a broadened venture. For example, the MoFaya caffeinated drink.

DJ Sbu 5 of the Richest Musicians in SA

As indicated by the entry Net Value, the total assets of DJ Sbu is $ 2 million, which is around 27 million rubles.


Another nearby legend, Oskar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa, known by the nom de plume Oskido, verified his money related future after decades in the amusement. The organizer of the record name Kalawa Jazmee Records, where he doesn’t discharge hit after hit for his mark supporters. His mark is home to other mega fruitful specialists, for example, Bongo Muffin and Bum Shaka.

Oskido 5 of the Richest Musicians in SA

The total assets of Oskido are additionally evaluated at $ 2 million (27 million rubles).

Die Antwoord

This gathering of rap raves has for quite some time been effective, despite the fact that we have not seen them in our local land for quite a while.

Die Antwoord 5 of the Richest Musicians in SA
What for? They are gigantic all through Europe and the USA. They featured visits in Europe and the USA. They are likewise bought into RocNation – indeed, as in Jay-Z.

The total assets of the gathering are 56 million rubles. What’s more, the yearly salary is 8 million rubles.

Rebecca Malope

Over 30 years back, and in excess of 10 million records sold in South Africa, it is currently astonishing that the Gospel is presently known as the Queen of Africa. Malope discharged in excess of 35 collections, every one of which is multi-platinum, platinum or gold. Fans love her, they bolster the syndicated program Gospel Time, which has been distributed for over 10 years.

Rebecca Malope Top 5 Richest musicians of SA

As indicated by Wiki Net Worth, the total assets of Rebecca Malope are $ 5 million or about 68.25 million rubles.


In 2011, Super Mega star started profiting in across the country and first hit Snow Victory. From that point forward, he has turned out to be one of the nation’s dearest. However, has loathed craftsmen with innumerable outrage and march hits each year. Likewise gotten the endorsement of the measure of 4.8 million rubles.

AKA 5 of the Richest Musicians in SA.The total assets of the AKA are assessed at $ 11.4 million! This is an incredible 155.6 million rubles!