Spotlights on Nasty C “Odd Toe”


The famous rapper Nasty C promoting self-love and devotion last week revealed his deformed toe. Doing this on social media was a big move. But it promoted the view that you should be who you are. Everyone is born with flaws and no one is physically or emotionally perfect. Nsikayesizwe David Ngcobo, AKA Nasty C, 22, confirmed that he was born with this toe. Although he was ashamed of revealing this on a public platform, he recently realized something. This was a clear message for those who bully others because of their physical appearance.

Nasty C featuring Odd toe

He narrated about his special toe that he hid from others for all those years. But it was the time of self-acknowledgement. You should accept whatever you are. In his words, you are perfect in your own way. Everything that is a part of you whether emotional or physical is worth showing.

He stated that you need to worry about anything that makes you embarrassed in front of the world. You are the perfect creation of God and your flaws make you beautiful and fascinating. This move touched many hearts and it was taken as a symbol of bravery and breaking stereotypes. This will always be remembered.

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