Jessica Nkosi flirted by TK

Jessica Nkosi flirted by TK

Jessica Nkosi flirted by TK


TK Dlamini and Jessica Nkosi stunned numerous South Africans when they reported they were expecting they are first taking a couple of months back. To this point,


the couple stayed quiet and was stunned at the sentiment news.

Since they welcomed their first kid, the couple gradually enabled us to enter their own lives. A couple of months prior, Jessica said thanks to TK. He is respecting his kids with a sweet message: “I want to meet her one day, he wrote in his Instagram status.

A weekend ago TK issued a photograph of Jessica that she needed to meet.

“Who is this? Someone, if you don’t mind tick it up for me … I might want to meet him once, “he composed.

TK flirts Jessica Nkosi.

This isn’t the first run through TK has regarded its open mother. On his birthday, the River veteran actor went to Instagram to share a video asking for him.

Both urgently need one another.

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