Dr. Malinga is hosting in the new show “No Excuse, Pay Papgeld”

by Aroos Gul
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Dr Malinga hosting show

Dr Malinga is hosting in the new show “No Excuse, Pay Papgeld”

Cape Town – After long stretches of watching Moja Love’s new No Excuse have. Push your Papgeld, at long last call.

The performer Dr Malinga started his profession as another program illustrator.

The popstar Akolaliki tells the writer that the arrangement has touched base at a perfect snapshot of his life since he needed to demonstrate individuals another part of his character.

“Individuals don’t have a clue about that I am an adoring and mindful dad.”

The dad of three Tiisitso (13), Victoria (7) and Lingas (10 months) says he needs to battle with the goal that different youngsters get what they merit.

“I likewise need harmony between families, since guardians don’t see each other up close and personal, it doesn’t imply that youngsters need to endure.”

Like different hopefuls who were getting ready for the tests, 38-year-old Dr Malinga says he got no uncommon treatment for the tests since he is a notable big name.

“I found out about the tests directed by Gastor Siromola, a publicity officer, and I chose to accept this open door,” he said.

I was lining like no one. Obviously, individuals took individual photographs and photographs of me, and I was not protected. When I partook in the test, I was slaughtered. ”

Dr Malinga has for quite some time been a major aficionado of the arrangement and he was awed by the way the previous moderator, Mr Makwati, himself.

Dr Malinga hosting show

“I don’t have the foggiest idea why the other man was deserted, yet I was inspired and I understood I had huge shoes to supplant, he said,” I’m ordinary. “

Moja Love TV executive Rainers-Setai says he is disheartened by the flight of capable moderator Moos Makwati and is anxious to see his new task.

They can not hold on to see Dr Malinga’s new taste and contact amid the show.

“Moja Love is pleased to greet Dr. Malinga into the family and we trust that his commitment will keep on being left by the valiant and gutsy Makwati Mous.”

Dr Malinga host

“The accomplishment of the show lies in the intensity and dread of our approach. If a dad does not pay a charge to papgeld, propelled by the possibility of the next display to persuade him to make the right decision,” she proceeds.

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