Dr Malinga

Dr. Malinga finally decided to build Water Park and Resort

Dr. Malinga is famous as a risk taker and he has earned the title of “a man with solutions”. Recently he has laid the foundation of a perfect business plan by establishing a resort and a water park for summer recreation in Africa.


He has aims regarding his hometown and is ready to leave his family wealth with an ambition to built the two perfectly aligned and furnished resorts. In his opinion, this is the solution and he is going to make an official announcement about it on TshialLive.


His recent words state that everyone who is aware of me knows that I am always ready with a solution for upcoming problems. People know that I am unique and willing to bring my solutions to the public in order to benefit them. Lately, I am focused on constructing a resort that will be fully equipped with swimming facilities and chillas gadgets. It is my future plan to build a water resort, one in Hammanskraal and the other in Siyabuswa.

Dr Malinga

Malinga was no one when he busted into the industry with his absurd dressing sense and body language. And now when you look at him he has a wide range of products selling under his name. These products are with high sales across the industry. He has figured out that it is better to keep your hopes high and dream bigger. He is carrying thoughts that why he should pursue something small when he can have his own resorts doubling up his income and fame within no time. These resorts can be a perfect way of selling products more efficiently.

In another saying, he says that I am always determined about the future. Not only the future of my family but all the other families around me.

Dr Malinga decided to build water park and resort

I want a secure future for all of them. He claims he is great at putting effort and he will keep trying and I am vigilant at turning my dreams into reality. He wants people to get better wages and a shop for his products under one roof. He has marked his words clearly that everything he is putting effort into will be for real one day.

While talking to TshisalLive he said that he is planning on expanding his business to Africa. Meanwhile, he is also in touch with his music and never wants to neglect his passion for music. He has recently released a new album named as Indlela featuring Kwesta.