DJ Zinhle’s taking action to #OpenUpThe Industry


DJ Zinhle’s taking action to #OpenUpThe Industry

Unlike some of your faves, Zinhle is putting her money where her mouth is.


Celebrated in the music business for over 15 years, DJ Zinhle makes an open door for #OpenUpTheIndustry through his most recent venture – The Complete Women’s Band.

DJ Zinhle's taking action to #OpenUpThe Industry
JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – NOVEMBER 18: Dj Zinhle during the SA Style Awards on November 18, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mzansi’s most fashionable stars gathered at Sandton City’s Diamond Walk for the prestigious 2018 SA Style Awards event. (Photo by Gallo Images / Oupa Bopape)

DJ Zinhle has welcomed every single bass drummer and bass guitarists to test them as a component of the band. This is trailed by another DJ methodology that will incorporate many live components sooner rather than later.

Investigate all that we realize that the whole female band is a cool AF! Did you see Beyoncé? Unadulterated fire

We would already be able to see the sentiments of Fam … DJ Zinhle Band here on a few:

Members must present a one-minute video by March 24, 2019, and play their very own instruments for one of the accompanying DJ Zinhle melodies: Colors ft. Tamara Dey or Uzobuya ft.

As we trust that the band will come to fruition (Beyonce Formation Signals), we as a whole marvel what it would look like …

Will DJ Zinhle be a sort of look? Okay, be a sort of Spice Girls? Possibly stylishly? Or on the other hand how the lady adaptation of biscuit? What sort of music do you do?

Numerous scrumptious decisions!

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