Breaking News: Some details revealed what happened after Mampinthsa and Babes Wodumo

Details revealed what happened after Mampinthsa and Babes Wodumo


This viral video covers the full scenario when Mampinthsa started abusing his cute girlfriend.

The scene started with Babes Wodumo entering the room. She opens up Live streaming and then something odd happened and Mampinthsa slapped Babes and started abusing her. She looked pale and shocked in a moment of seconds.
After that shocking period Mampinthsa leave that room and Babes Wodumo stopped the recording.

After the burst of that viral video on social media many top stars of South Africa Cassper Nyovest and Nadia Nakai shared their thoughts on Twitter.

They literally blew off Mampinthsa and stayed on the side of Wodumo.

what happened after Mampinthsa and Babes Wodumo

Cassper Nyovest said, “Where are the cops? The whole country is watching this shit. You people have to arrest this bastard. Cassper seemed desperate after his words on these justice systems.”

Nadia Nakai said, ” Is there no one who can get rid her of that man? The man is mentally sick. He is abusing her in front of people. Arrest him before he does something bad with Babes.”

Mo Flava also said, ” Mampinthsa is a rude guy and he must be punished of what he has done. He is abusing women of our country and this is just bullshit. We are non-sense if we do not stand against him. This guy is lethal.”


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