Bonang Matheba reveals what she misses about AKA

Bonang Matheba reveals what she misses about AKA

The romantic tale of love birds Bonang Matheba and the AKA has shaken the whole media outlet. The couple began by different sources two years prior. Their relationship started when DJ Zinhle was anticipating her first tyke from the AKA.

 Bonang Matheba and AKA

In spite of the fact that their relationship started in obscure conditions, their adoration for a very long time was strong and their deterioration was unforeseen. In the second period of their sensible program, Bonang gradually abandoned us truly, the star was available to withdrawal from the AKA and we value seeing her powerless side.

In the last scene, Opening Beauty of What You Lose More Than to Being Related to AKA, she addressed Pinky: “Do you realize when you’re the most excruciating?” Sunday’s the main thing I think about is that Sundays are extremely long and feel each minute After watching My Date Family, Carte Blanche and 8 pm… It’s still midnight, do you like “What would it be a good idea for me to accomplish for myself?” said Matheba

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