Amanda Black and Nasty C ready to rock the Essence Festival in New Orleans

The songbird by Amanda black is ready to rock the floor in the upcoming Essence festival in New Orleans. Amanda’s excitement is evident in her recent social media updates. This festival will have the most amazing music this time. She is ready to entertain her fans with the best of her music. Music is Amanda’s identity and she has proved the world that if you want something so dearly you can get it with hard work.


Amzulu hitmaker has made this news public through Amanda’s social media so that her fans can get ready to support her on the due date. In her recent talks, she has stated that she is very delighted and charged about this performance. According to her statement, she is emotionally moved about this song and she is happy that she stood bravely against all the obstacles and never let her music go.

Nasty C

Recently she has been sending motivating messages which depict her personal experience. She wants everyone out there to hold on their dreams. Everyone can make them real with effort and consistency. She explains her hurdles and hardships but nothing came in the way of her passion. In her view, no one is small and everyone should follow what they love. In this festival, other famous singers will be sharing the stage with Amanda. Nasty C, Tellaman and Celeste Ntuli will spread the waves of true and sound music in New Orleans. Music is life for them and their fans will be there to support them. There is a lot of hype about this concert already. The people are super excited to see these gems perform live.

Essence Festival is a way to promote and exhibit African talent all around the world. Everyone gets to know what amazing voice and notes they have got.


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