What is Kiki Challenge? How is it Performed? Best Kiki Challenge Compilations and Fail Videos

As everything on the internet is not necessarily true, similarly everything on the internet is not meant to be tried, especially viral challenges and dares. The latest challenge to take over the internet is the Kiki challenge. Authorities and Police across the globe are actually warning people to not try this challenge. Ironicall many people across the globe are still dont know what this challenge is all about.

The first thing you need to know about this latest trend is it is a very similar trend to the Dubsmash or selfie. What makes it different is that it is dangerous as the person on the driving seat leaves a car on the move to get the dance moves done on Drake’s newest song ‘In my feelings’. Famous comedian Shiggy was the first to attempt this challenge,since then it has gone viral and people across the globe have started doing the Kiki Challenge.

This trend is also known as ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ as the dance moves are done on this song only; while hopping out of a moving car. The Kiki Challenge fever has spread all over but authorities aren’t very pleased with it as it is causing untoward incidents like pole crashing, falling in potholes and performers injuring themselves. The internet is full of compilations and failed videos of the Kiki Challenge.

The Best Kiki Challenge Compilations and Fail Videos













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