Jeffrey Epstein advances choice to deny bail in sex dealing case

by Khadija Khurram
1 minutes read

 Financier Jeffrey Epstein has claimed a government judge’s choice to keep him in prison while he anticipates preliminary on sex dealing charges. 

Jeffrey Epstein wearing glasses and smiling at the camera: Jeffrey Epstein appears in a photo taken for the NY Division of Criminal Justice Services' sex offender registry

As per court documenting made open on Tuesday, Epstein will ask the second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to upset the judge’s July 18 dismissal of his solicitation to stay under house capture in his chateau on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. 

In denying bail, U.S. Area Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan communicated worry that Epstein’s “past sexual conduct is not likely to have abated,” and that there may be “new victims” if Epstein were discharged.

The workplace of U.S. Lawyer Geoffrey Berman in Manhattan, which is indicting Epstein, did not quickly react to demands for input.

In a July 15 bail hearing, Epstein’s lawyer said he would agree to virtually any bail conditions that the judge decided to set. Pretrial release was crucial for Epstein to build a strong defense, the lawyer said. He also argued that the lack of accusations against Epstein since 2005 suggest that Epstein does not represent a “future danger.”

“It’s not like he’s an out-of-control rapist,” the lawyer said. “He doesn’t fit the paradigm.”

But Berman, announcing his decision later that week, said Epstein’s proposal was “irretrievably inadequate.”

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