Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed UNGA

by Salman Ali
1 minutes read

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday addressed United Nations General Assembly with Four Important points.

1. Climate Change and Poverty
2. Money Laundering and Tax havens
3. Islamophobia

PM Khan addressed very clear points on all issues he raised. He took about an hour in General Assembly to address the role of Pakistan in Climate change and ending poverty. He explained the most important steps took for climate change like Tsunami tree project. And also explained how Pakistan is going in the direction of Poverty ending.

The Prime Minister requests United Nations to stop safe havens for tax looting corrupt people like politicians who looting poor country and transfer amount to safe havens like Swiss accounts.

In third point, he explained the Islamophobia impacts on Muslim communities all around the world. He explained that after 9/11, Muslim communities are being seen as terrorists. He explained that terrorism is not part of any religion. He exampled Tamil Tigers who did terrorism in Sri Lanka and explained that is not done by Religion but a poor mental action.

In last and most important topic, Mr. Khan explained the issue of Kashmir. He explained a detailed story of Pakistan Vs India from 1947.

He also referenced the Hindu Terrorism Party (RSS) whose mentality was similarly like Adolf Hitler.

He explained that India is doing very bad actions in Kashmir from last 5 years. The current issue of Kashmir is in curfew and 8 million people are locked down by 9 lac Indian Army.

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