PM Imran Khan returns back to New York after realising technical fault in plane

by Salman Ali
1 minutes read

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his crew went back to New York airport on Friday night after knowing technical problem in plane.

Two hours after taking off from New York Premier, Plane staff shocked by technical problem that appears in Plane and they flied back to New York to fix the fault.

Prime minister Imran Khan, who guide the Pakistan delegation to the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, and his entourage were waiting to take off again after the problem is fixed but technicians couldn’t make it on time because fault in plane needed much time to fix so they delayed the journey for next plane.

For the moment, Ambassador Lodhi received Imran Khan and take them to Roosevelt hotel where they had stayed in their past week.

According to sources, Imran Khan and all his staff will take off tonight 11pm with commercial flight.

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