Indian government raise restrictions after PM Imran’s speech wins hearts of Kashmiris

by Salman Ali
1 minutes read

PM Imran khan talked to United Nation General Assembly on Friday where he discussed all issues and truth and he said Indian government has crossed all limits. This can lead both of country to nuclear war and nobody knows where the war is going to take us none of us will win this war.

PM Imran said I have been insisting Indian government to come and solve this problem by dialogue but they refused me all time and they tighten their securities in Kashmir and killed more people in Kashmir. And Indian army raped girls and more than 3000 boys are disappear GOD knows what happened to them. 

PM khan added that in an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, warned there would be a bloodbath once India lifts its restrictions in Kashmir which have been in force since it revoked the area’s decades-old autonomy in August and delay thousands of people.

Premier said time has come we are not going to wait for Indian next move ore solution with dialogue we are ready to take action.

Indian army took this very seriously and became alert and they start being worst than before in occupied Kashmir.

The thing which left huge impact in Kashmiris people heart is when PM Imran said we know India is 7 time larger than Pakistan but we believe in one GOD “there is no GOD but one “ we will fight.

This is big reason of Indian become more aware and raised restriction in Kashmir.

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