Bill gates praises PM Imran khan for his anti poverty strategy for Pakistan

by Salman Ali
2 minutes read

Co-chairman of Bill and Melinda Foundation and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan for bringing up great ideas to help poor people and educate those children who can’t afford to go school. He wants to bring prosperity in their life through this amazing strategy “EHSAAS PROGRAM” that is anti-poverty organisation.

Mr. Gates has written some agreements of understanding to support  initial stages of anti poverty strategy The Ehsaas Program. And help to remove destitution from Pakistan.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation agreed to pay 200 million dollars for PM Imran khan anti poverty organisation.

In a tweet, Gates said, “Ending poverty and achieving the SDGs requires a whole-of-government approach.Imran Khan and Sania Nishtar have shown leadership in developing a new anti-poverty strategy.”

The top administrator of Bill and Melinda gates Foundation, PM Imran and Dr Nishtar took apart in two-sided meeting for the future of Anti-poverty strategy of Pakistan.

Most important topic of their gathering was Health, Food and financial incorporation within Pakistan.

The purpose of Ehsaas program is to lay out effectual safety nets through 134 new poverty-focused policy action and program.

PM Imran khan said: “This was the biggest anti-poverty project ever launched in the country and it has been planned with a great deal of attention to detail. I’m pleased that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will assist with a range of activities including accelerating stunting reduction programs, supporting financial inclusion initiatives and investing in public health systems to improve health and reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality.”

PM Imran Khan also discussed about diseases specially polio and said that I have well prepared myself for our policy Ehsaas Program to dedicate our precious time to remove this disease once and for all. PM Khan also shared his new program to support financial issue ‘One Woman One Bank Account’ programme, which comes under Ehsaas Programme, and he said he has concerns for this anti-poverty Program and he is all set to bring it to new levels.

This new alliance of anti-poverty program with Gates Foundation is for more than decade-long work in Pakistan.

Their partnership has new plans and ideas to work for.

But most important topics are elimination of polio, food, education, financial issue and health.

To conclude all these problems, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to spend $200 million in Pakistan in 2020.

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