Another Case Of Negligence By Administration | Student Died In Comsats University Islamabad | Murder Or Heart Attack | Students Calls High Level Protest

A student of Islamabad University, Muhammad Inam, died around 1:00 pm (4th October) with massive heart attack (according to his friends) during class in University. Some people are saying that Inam died by severe heart attack and other students are saying Inam died by falling from stairs which lead the case to investigations. Inam was a student of 2nd semester, BBA department of Comsats University Islamabad.

Sad thing is when he was going through pain and fighting between life and death his friends and other students were trying to get him medical treatment or hospitalise him promptly but after all their hard efforts they failed so badly and “Inam” died on the spot without having any treatment. He was suffering with pain and his teacher refused to take him to Hospital in his car, when students asked to their teacher for take Inam in his car. The teacher replied “This is not my headache” this so sad reply of a teacher disappointed students. Even Inam’s friends were trying to bring another car but security on the gate of Islamabad University stopped them and said it’s prohibited to take any car in the University. Is this humanity? Are the rules important than someone’s life?

Strike in Comsats Islamabad:

His fellows told that if they had a medical support they could have saved Inam. Unfortunately we were declined by the management of our University for any kind of support and even Ambulance didn’t reach on time. And the student Inam passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

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