13 students died in road accident in Thailand

by Salman Ali
1 minutes read

Deadly accident happened in Thailand when truck was changing lane and lost control.Truck was carrying 18 people and most of them were college students they just finished their mechanical training for local company.

12 died on the spot when truck rolled at first place and 1 died after when they reached in hospital.

Video: 13 students from Isan killed in early morning horror pickup truck crash in Samut Prakan

Two out of five survivors are suffering with agony of injuries.

According to sources road accidents are very common thing is Thailand every year a lot of people die by road accidents and Thailand is on the top list of World accidents.

Reason’s behind deadly accidents are speeding’ drunk driving and not strict laws of driving.

Same thing happen last year 18 people were killed and dozens wounded when bus deviate off the road and clash into a tree.

The [WHO] World Health Organisation´s most recent data showed Thailand with 32.7 road deaths per 100,000 people, as compared to 12.4 in the US.

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