World Hunger Level on Rise for the Third Consecutive Year due to Climate Change, UN Report

The World hunger levels or on the verge to reverse back at the point they were around a decade ago with climate change and its causes like drought and flood among the key drivers. The hunger afflicted 821 million people last year with leaving one out of every nine people undernourished. The joint report by the UN’s five agencies in this regard concludes that this year marks as the consecutive third year which witnessed the rise in the hunger levels across the globe.

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018″ report (SOFI) states that back in 2016, 804 million people around the globe were estimated to be hungry and in the very next year, 2017, these figures have seen a boom with making hunger afflicted people reach up to 821 million.

The report also states that the hunger level went on rising 2015 and with making it happen three consecutive years on the go, the hunger levels have reached what they were around a decade ago. The factor triggering the hunger level is extreme weather.

It will be pertinent to mention here that the 2015-16 year witnessed the El Nino Event, which is known for disruption in weather around the globe. The same year lead to lack of food in Africa, whereas South American countries like Argentina and Uruguay were troubled by the floods.

This year El Nino Event has the great chance of returning again and if that happens so it somehow means the increase in the hunger levels.


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