World Egg Day 2018

“World Egg Day” Being Observed Around the Globe on 12th October

What is World Egg Day?

In 1996, at IEC Vienna conference, World Egg Day was established and was decided that it would be celebrated on the second Friday of October each year.

Eggs play a major role in our daily life and are a staple meal for breakfast. Not only does it delicious but is also one of the best source of protein, choline and play an essential part in memory, brain and muscle development and contribute in preventing diseases. Hence earning the title of superfood, at an affordable price.

World Egg Day 2018
“World Egg Day” Being Observed Around the Globe on 12th October

Join in the celebration

2018 World Egg Day Celebrations

To help with the promotion of the value of egg, share your World Egg Day events and activities with the global egg industry!
Even we would love to hear all about your celebrations to further help in inspiring and spreading awareness about the goodness of eggs.

World Egg Day 2018
“World Egg Day” Being Observed Around the Globe on 12th October

Here is how the following countries are celebrating World Egg Day 2018

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Australia

Australia has built its World Egg Day celebration around Eggsellence Award. During this campaign, the consumers are requested to nominate the egg recipes they find close to their heart, from Australian cafes and resturant. There will be an expert panel for judging the entries made which includes the following chef, Manu Feildel and more here.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Austria

Focusing on the labeling origins and animal welfare standards. Austria held press conference in Vienna on 8th October, which emphasized on purchasing standard eggs and eggs products in the public food supply, especially in schools.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Bangladesh

Not only will Bangladesh be celebrating the World Egg Day but at the end of November 2018, will also be holding an Egg Fest 2018. The Egg Fest will be celebrating eggs with demonstrations, publications and cooking recipes.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Brazil

Brazil is set to celebrate egg day in a unique way. It has a week of activities which also include a promotional video about “A Dozen Admirable Professions” with food and diet professionals. Special events across the country are being organized with egg based tastings, eggs based menus at restaurants and nutritional promotion at 5 major universities and other events. Meanwhile, activities at schools will be taking thousands of egg donations and Ovos RS activity books and coloring pencils.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Canada

For World Egg Day celebrations, Canadian farmers, not only will they be going across country stores sharing their passion and answering questions about eggs but also taking to social media to share and spread benefits of eating eggs. Canadian egg farmers will be working online with bloggers who are going to take part in the celebrations by writing and sharing about what they love about eggs.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Colombia

This year, Colombia is set to celebrate World Egg day using the concept of “Eat more eggs does more for you” across nine cities throughout September and October. The celebration is aimed more towards children and young people to promote usage of eggs in daily diet. This promotion is set to reach 14,000 children across Colombia with egg snacks, games, gifts and special uniforms.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Denmark

Denmark has taken a more subtle approach to celebrate world egg day, unlike other countries feasting and conducting eggtivities. Denmark is encouraging people eat more eggs through social media campaign for eggs nutritional benefits.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Ghana

In Ghana, the celebration includes 2000 egg crates being distributed. Ministers and dignitaries are also going to be addressing the importance of eggs. While schools will be conducting quizzes based on eggs with schools and hospitals receiving egg donations.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in India

On world egg day, India has distributed three million boiled eggs to children in schools while conducting and educational activity at the Government medical college, Pune. For the educational programme students, celebrities and Ministers have been invited to take part in celebrations.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Indonesia

Along with organized activities for benefits of eggs promotion, Indonesia will be distributing 1,000 eggs to local communities.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Iran

Iran’s World Egg Day celebrations involve an egg seminar followed by speeches from the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Food and Drug along with OIE and FAO representatives.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Ireland

The Irish egg association has teamed up with Cian Lynch and Nikki Evans, the Irish sports heroes and celebrity chef plus fitness advocate, Roz Purcell for the celebration of world egg day. The plan is to conduct marketing campaigns across all radio stations, newspapers and social media for the celebration and promotion of World Egg Day.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in New Zealand

New Zealand’s celebration day is planned as such that it has sent a pack of World Egg Day which includes, cups, nutritional information, recipes and a poem “In praise of eggs”. Running along side this campaign is a Facebook promotion for a chance to win World Egg Day prize that includes recipes and egg cups.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Philippine

The Philippine Egg Board has set up a family fun run day “Eatlog Run” on 13th October, the event also includes activities which promotes health benefit of eating eggs. People of all age and fitness level are encouraged to participate in the event.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in Poland

Poland will be promoting egg consumption across meal times as part of the day’s nutritious and healthy food campaign across websites and social media with the introduction of special World Egg Day packaging.

World Egg Day 2018 Celebrations in the UK

‘Don’t get hangry, get cracking’ is the theme of British Egg Week in UK and has encompassed World Egg Day 2018 celebrations as well. The aim of the theme is to inspire recipes such as “Eggstra quick breakfasts’ ,’On the go lunches’ and ‘Power snacks’. British Lion eggs partnering with mum Liza Prideau have challenged her 88,000 social followers to avoid getting “hangry” by sharing hunger-busting recipes photos and videos over mainstream social media such as YouTube and Instagram.

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