Who was Ali Banat? Australian Millionaire Profile, Interviews and Videos

Those who still don’t know about this guy hailing from Sydney, at first place need to know that Ali Banat lost his life after battling 3-years with cancer; he was being diagnosed with stage-4 cancer back in 2015. The 30-year-old was given only seven months to live at the time he was diagnosed with this life-threatening disease like cancer. The Australian millionaire reacted to it an unexpected way and that is the story which makes him stand tall as Ali Banat, the hero of hundreds and thousands of people across the globe.

Banat was born on February 16, 1982, in Greenacre, New South Wales and spent most of his time in the state capital, Sydney.  He carried on with a great repute among the business circles of Australia as he owned some notable electrical and security company. The millionaire, who once had quite the promising life ahead, lost his battle with cancer on May 29, 2018.

The young man used to have the lavish lifestyle with having some of the best automobile beasts in his collection, along with the vast variety of Louis Vuitton products. Not only this, the Sydney-based millionaire also had expensive bracelets, watches, and glasses in his wardrobe. But it all changed straightaway as soon as Banat was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, and was only predicted to have 7-months of life.

Back in 2015, Ali Banat’s interview with Hoblos showed a never-known before side of him as he revealed his plans of giving away all his lifestyle and valuables to help the unfortunate people across the globe.  What was more of an inspiring about Ali Banat was he termed cancer as the gift from Allah so he could change his life for better. The very same year he established MATW (Muslims Around The World Project) to help the underprivileged.  It turned out to be another game-changer as donations from across the globe poured in for this project and Banat himself donated whole-heartedly.

The young philanthropist travelled to different parts of Africa including Togo, Ghana, and Burkina Faso to help the unfortunate with the basic facilities like food, shelter and education. The major plans he aimed to initiate through this project included a school for 600 orphans, a village for 200 windows and hospital for the community over there.

The projected expanded with the passage of time, and so Ali went on making thousands of lives better. He inspired millions across the globe to actually know the real meaning of life; to serve humanity and make good deeds. The way millionaire gave up all his luxuries deliberately is a story to stay with us for long. Banat already had made a video about his death, which he asked his people to release posthumously.





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