What makes Idlib important as Syria-Russia set for Attack not bothering Trump’s Warning?

The Seven years of Syria War is about to witness the last ‘tug of war’ as the Syrian government along with their allies is all set to lead a string attacking in the North-Western Syrian province Idlib. It should be noted here that Idlib is said to be the last rebel stronghold in the country and it seems that wiping the anti-Syrian government groups will stable Bashar Al-Assad’s government.  The Western World, most primarily, the US is against this attack as it can lead to the grave humanitarian crisis in the area.

The US President Trump also warned Bashar Al-Assad and his allies Russia and Iran of not committing the mistake to attack Idlib as it can lead to humanitarian crisis. But the Russian-Syrian forces really not paid heed upon that and hours after Trump’s Tweet went on making dozens of strikes.

It doesn’t end with strikes as Syrian-government and Russia are aiming for the full-fledged operation and air strikes in the province. As per the reports, hundreds of civilians have fled from the area in fear of the carnage going to took over the province in next coming days.

All eyes are on Idlib, what makes it so important?

It is said to be the final battle track as it is the last rebel stronghold in the country. Idlib has been quite important in all that Syrian war as it has been the province in which the civilians were evacuated during the attack on rebels in Aleppo, back in 2016. Later on, as the battle move to eastern Ghouta, the civilians relocated to Idlib. And now the battlefield in Idlib means not much place left for the civilians to run over.

It should be noted here that Idlib is home to 3 million people, out of which third of whom are internally displaced.

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