US Charges North Korean Hacker over 2014 Cyber Attack on Sony and WannaCry Attack

The criminal complaint released on Thursday states something against the severe cyber attacks, which were said to be originated from North Korea. The US Justice Department has charged an alleged North Korean man over severe hacking incidents like the 2014 Cyber Attack on Sony Corp. and WannaCry Attack, which crippled hospitals, companies and banks across the globe.

This decision unfortunately came when the gap between the US and North Korea was actually budging. Yet now, it isn’t revealed how the North Korean dictator Kim Jong has reacted to this news. But it seems like Trump and Kim Jong are building a good diplomatic understanding. Trump’s Tweet proves it as the US premier thanks the Korean dictator for his unwavering faith in Trump and also vowed to get things done together.


Keeping the American Premier’s understanding aside, the hacker behind these big cyber attacks is called Park Jin Hyok. Moreover, he is also the one said to be involved in the attack against The Bank of Bangladesh, back in 2016.

Park, who is said to be committing all these attacks from China cyber-attacked the Sony Corporation and leaked five of their upcoming movies, back in December 2014. The attacker who went on calling himself Guardian of Peace after committing the attack on Sony’s  film-making studio, did it in response to the film ‘The Interview’,  which depicted the assassination plot of Kim Jong Un by CIA.

Earlier it was also discovered that behind such high-profile cyber attacks is a hacking entity known as Lazarus Group. Some other sources also claim that the person doing this is part of North Korea’s intelligence outfit, which works as a counterpart to CIA.

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