UK Foreign Minister Lashes Google over ‘Considering Censoring’ Content in China but ‘Not Cooperating’ over Removal of Child Abuse Content

The tech companies are under the radar and of course, they are going through the lean patch; most notably Google is facing some serious criticism. Just days after Trump’s comments about being biased, today, UK’s foreign Minister has tweeted about the tech giant’s hypocrisy as he went on saying that Google is keen about censoring its content but not cooperating with the Western World for the removal of child abuse content.


Neither Google nor UK Foreign Office was available to immediately to comment over Jeremy Hunt’s comments coming about non-cooperation from the tech-giant. It will be pertinent to mention here that British PM Thresa May called on tech companies to work efficiently for the removal of child abuse and the terrorist content up on the internet. And now with Hunt lambasting Google, it seems, the tech giant which holds most of the internet population has not done enough following May’s comment.

Hunt, who has arrived in office months back in place of Boris Johnson is quite vocal about the happening; whether it had been Russia’s interference then or Google’s lacking cooperation now, the gentleman seems using the space very well.

His latest comments involving Google and China came as earlier the month as a report suggested that after withdrawing from China back in 2010, Google is now again set to make an entry in the Chinese market with the censored version of its search engine.  It will be worth mentioning here that previously Google went off from China citing the cyber attacks originating from China and call for heavy censorship on search engines and so on the content.

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