Today’s Event: World Diabetes Day 2018 | This years Theme is “The Family and Diabetes”

World Diabetes Day 2018 is being observed globally today on 14 November 2018. The purpose of this day is to “Raise Awareness on Diabetes and its effective prevention”

World Diabetes Day 2018 Theme:

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2018 is “The Family and Diabetes”. The motive behind this years World Diabetes Day Theme is to raise awareness among families regarding the early warning signs of Diabetes and their prevention. Experts believe that families can play a key role in promoting the prevention of this disease and significantly decrease the overall number of people affected by diabetes each year.

What percentage of the population has diabetes?

According to international surveys Diabetes currently affects 425 million people around the globe. A large quantity out of these people suffers from Type-2 Diabetes; which is a type of diabetes which can be significantly prevented just by regular exercising.

Families need to learn and understand fully what this disease is , how to identify it and how to prevent it.

Experts are of the opinion that the early diagnosis and timely treatment of Diabetes can play a vital role in preventing complications that follow the disease and achieve healthy outcomes.

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