The Man who Ploughed Truck into the building outside Fox 4 in Dallas has ‘Mental Issues’, says Dallas Police

A man was arrested by the Dallas Police Thursday morning after he went on ramming the pickup truck in the building near the Fox 4 News Dallas Studios. The person who ploughed pickup track various times in the building is said to do so grab attention about the police-related shooting in the area, six years ago. The Dallas Police have arrested the man for claiming that the person has ‘mental issues’ and a lengthy criminal history as well.

The incident took place around 06:00 A.M while Fox 4 News was gearing up for their morning show. The truck pickup driver comes to the scene all slowly and suddenly started accelerating the truck by jamming it into the entrance of the building. The man who is said to have ‘mental issues’ reversed back and repeated this ploughing of the truck several times before getting out the truck shouting and placing the numerous stack of paper around his truck. The surveillance video of Fox 4 news confirms all this happening outside the building.

The man smashing the truck into the building is identified as Michael Chadwick Fry, 34. The video and the reports watching the matter have confirmed that Fry was rating ‘high treason ‘ again and again and through the stack papers around, he wanted to get the media attention about the 2012 Police Firing incident, which got his friend killed, while he was reportedly along with him.


The Dallas Police are of the view that Fry had mental issues and indicated people were trying to kill him.” The reliable news sources have also confirmed that Fry has a lengthy criminal history including the public intoxication, burglary, DWI, Disorderly Conduct and arrest for assault as well.

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