Delta police closed the 120th St

The Delta police closed the 120th St in all direction after the serious pedestrian crash

The Delta Police force was at the scene when a serious collision happened involving a pedestrian at the 120th St. and 90th Ave on Tuesday night. Due to that incident, they were forced to close both the direction on Scott road from the Nordel Way to the 90th Ave. It is still not been confirmed by the Delta Police force about when the road would be open again.

The Delta Police department is now investigating the serious pedestrian collision and they stated that they are now in the very early stages of the investigation. But, the police department also confirms that they will soon get to the bottom of the incident. Besides, they are now also trying to unblock both the directions of the 120th St.

The Delta Police Traffic Unit last updated that a serious collision of 4 veh mvi has happened at the on-ramp to AFB NB in Nordel a bottom of the hill. They stated that they had to block one lane where the other lane is getting through. But sadly, the traffic is backing up fast due to the lane closure.

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