Super Typhoon Mangkhut rushes towards Philippines – 5 Million People at Risk!

Typhoon Mangkhut, which has gained a ferocious strength after lashing Marshall and Guam Island last Friday has rose up as the Super Typhoon, which is raging through the Pacific at 180 mph winds with Philippines Northeast coast at stake. Following this super typhoon, mass evacuations is underway and so are positioning emergency provisions underway as Philippines braces for one the worst typhoons to hit the region.

This super typhoon which is predicted to make the landfall on Saturday is even worse than the Hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas as it is equivalent to the category 5 Atlantic hurricane. On the other hand, one hitting the US Coast is measured as a Category 4 Hurricane.

At first, Mangkhut was expected to make the landfall at Cagayan province on early Saturday but now it has slightly deviated its flow towards even more densely populated Isabela province. What’s even worse worst to this rapid-screaming Typhoon is it will also bring raincloud band 900 kilometres (560 miles), which combine with seasonal monsoon rain could lead to the intense rains, consequently causing flash floods and landslides. Keeping that in mind, the warning has been issued to 25 provinces across the northern island of Luzon.

It’s the rice and corn harvesting season in Cagayan and with Typhoon approaching nothing looks favourable for the crop producer in this countryside.

The evacuations are underway and the government has also deployed the soldiers to make sure all this process remains smooth. On Friday, around 2000 families were evacuated, a day before the typhoon is set to hit the banks. It should be noted here that around 5 million lives are on risk in the Philippines but that isn’t all as the Typhoon makes China as its next destination. Although, it won’t be a super typhoon as it will lose quite much of its strength.

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